February 26, 2021 ----10sets milling machine is packed for shipment for Pakistan customer.

February 26, 2021 ----10sets milling machine is packed for shipment for Pakistan customer.
It has 3 axis DRO.


February 24, 2021 8sets cylindrical grinding machine was inspected in our workshop.

February 24, 2021 8sets cylindrical grinding machine was inspected in our workshop.
These 8sets model is UCG20/500. It has internal and external grinding function. The maximum external grinding diameter is 200mm and the workpiece length is 500mm. It is good for small shafts, pipes and disks internal and external rough and fine grinding. It has good precision and stable professional.


Universal Milling Machine to Canada

We shipped 2sets universal milling machine to Canada. All the electrial components reach USL standard. Our user is very satisfy with them. 

CNC Cylinder Grinding Machine to German

We shipped one CNC cylinder grinding machine to German. It has CE certificate will CE standard. Surface roughness(O.D/I.D) is Ra0.32μm(O.D).Machine is with Siemens 808D system(2 axis), Cylindrical measuring instrument (Japanese brand), Delixi electrical parts,main motor、headstock motor made in China, X axis screw made in Taiwan,Z axis screw made in China.

4sets Universal Milling Machine X5756 to Oman Customer

We shipped 4sets universal milling machine X5750 to Oman customers. This Table 3 axes with ball screws, high precision. Table feeding with 3 separate servo motors, variable speeds, not interfere each other,high reliability,easy to operate. Mechanical change speeds in head stock, powerful milling. Table with an extra supporting column, big load, high accuracy. It can mill any angle surface through front half-sphere by swivelling milling head.

Welcome to the 127th Canton Fair,Canton Fair 2020, Welcome to Our Live Show

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Welcome to the 127th Canton Fair in Guangzhou .
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Time:15-24 June,2020
Our Booth number:1.1 H29-32
Exhibit content:
Universal Lathe;CNC Lathe;Vertical Lathe;Universal Milling Machine;CNC Milling Machine;Grinding Machine;CNC press brake, Presses,Iron worker, and Air compressor etc.