CNC Cylindrical Grinding Machine

The CNC cylindrical grinder is suitable for batch production of cylindrical parts grinding with high performance to price ratio.

The machine is simple and easy to operate. After simple training, it can be operated easily. By setting the parameter of longitudinal grinding or plunge grinding via the touch screen, an auto-grinding for the different workpiece is realized. With the function of worktable trip-stop, the machine can grind more than one journals of one workpiece automatica.  

With the functions of wheel dressing and compensation automatically.

Wheelhead spindle is supported by three busing hydro-dynamic bearing, and high precision hydro dynamic-static bearing is also available for the user.

Timing provision of lubrication for machine moving parts according to program designing. Automatic lubrication of all moving parts. Tailstock has two ways:hydraulic and manual.

Workpiece, oil pump, coolant pump is driven by a separate motor.

The headstock is available to achieve continuously variable by frequency motor according to user needd.

Specification mm UCGK20x500
Distance between centers mm 500
Center  height mm 135
Maximum workpiece rotation diameter mm 200
Grinding range of workpiece diameter mm Φ8~ φ200
Max. Workpiece weight kg 13
angle of worktable    
angle of worktable
Anticlockwise ° 7
Clockwise  ° 3
Max. travel of worktable mm 650
Table grinding speed m/min 0 ~3
Worktable positioning accuracy mm 0.01
Worktable repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Worktable servo motor N.m 8.4
wheelstock stroke mm 200
wheelstock positioning accuracy mm 0.005
Wheelstock repeat positioning accuracy mm 0.002
Wheelstock servo motor Nm 8.4
Wheel size(O.Dx W x I.D.) mm 500x50x203
peripheral speed of wheel m/s 38
Headstock/tailstock center Morse NO.4
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication   In the machine
Automatic lubrication capacity L 50
cooling system Cooling pump flow L/min 22
Cooling tank capacity L 130
Wheelstock motor kw
Net weight of machine kg 2800
Machine size (L×W× H) mm 2500*1800*1650
Roundness mm ≤0.0015
Cylindricity mm ≤0.005
Roughness μm Ra≤0.32
项目Description                          型号Model 单位unit MKE1332Bx500 MKE1332BX1000 MKE1332BX1500
外圆磨削范围External grinding diameters mm φ8~320 φ8~320 φ8~320
中心高Center height mm 180 180 180
顶尖距 Distance between center mm 500 1000 1500
最大工件重量Max.workpiece weight kg 150 150 150
可磨长度 外圆 Grinding length External mm 500 1000 1500
工作台转动范围Swivel range of worktable °   -3~+7°   -3~+7°   -3~+6°
砂轮最大线速度Max.wheel peripheral speed m/s 38 38 38
外圆砂轮尺寸External wheel size mm φ600x75xφ305   φ600x75xφ305  
砂轮主轴转速 wheel spindle rotation speed r/min 1210 1210 1210
头架顶尖Headstock  center morse NO.5 NO.5 NO.5
尾架顶尖tailstock center morse NO.4 NO.4 NO.4
头架主轴转速Headstock spindle rotation speed r/min 26、52、90、130、180、260 26、52、90、130、180、260
电机总功率Total motor power kw 21.475 21.475 21.475
X轴最小脉冲当量 Min.pulse amount in X-axis mm 0.001 0.001 0.001
Z轴最小脉冲当量 Min.pulse amount in Z-axis mm 0.001 0.001 0.001
纵向伺服电机 Longitudinal servo motor kw 4.7(23NM) 4.7(23NM) 4.7(23NM)
横向伺服电机 Traverse servo motor kw 3.9(15NM) 3.9(15NM) 3.9(15NM)
机床外型尺寸(长X宽X高)Machine overall dimension(LxWxH) mm 3000x2100x2000 3500x2100x2000 5300x2000x2000
机床重量Machine weight kg 3500 4000 5000
工件加工精度Working Accuracy        
圆度(外圆/内圆)Roundness(O.D/I.D)     1.5μm(O.D)
纵截面内直径一致性(外圆/内圆)Uniformity of longitudinal section(O.D/I.D)   5μm(O.D)
表面粗糙度(外圆/内圆)Surface roughness(O.D/I.D)     Ra0.32μm(O.D)
主要附件Mail Accessories        
磁性分离过滤水箱Magnetic separator set   1 1
砂轮修整器Grinding wheel dresser set   1 1
砂轮压紧盘Wheel hub set   2 2
砂轮平衡轴Wheel balancing mandrel set   1 1
开式中心架Open-type steady-rest set   1 1
桃子夹头Driving dog set   1 1
合金顶尖Carbide-tipped center pcs   2 2
机床垫铁Leveling wedge pcs   3 3
特殊附件Special Accessories        
砂轮平衡架Wheel balancing stand set   1 1
端面测量仪 Endface measuring instrument set   1 1
动静压砂轮主轴 Hybrid wheel spindle set   1 1