CNC Grinding Machine KGS420CNC (KGS640CNC, KGS840CNC)

-This machine use 2 axes ganged CNC surface grinding machine. It is a advanced machine which have high performance, wide processing range and high efficiency advantages.
-This machine mainly used in black metals, nonferrous metals and some of nonmetal material parts grinding process. It can rough and fine grinding surface, slot, arc surface and complexity hook face processing.
-This machine have high load-bearing, high precision, high stiffness, long life time, high shock resistance and unfailing performance and many other advantages.
-Full enclosed splash guard design. It can well isolate dust and machining spray which produced by grinding processing. Automatically recycling lubrication system. It can recycle reclamation to achieve environmental, cost saving and other advantages.
This machine constituted by machine bed, table, saddle, column, head, feeding device, electrical system, operate cabinet, hydraulic system, full enclosed splash guard and other parts.