CNC Milling Machine

High-rigidity /high-stability main structure

Use 3D-CAD and finite element analysis to develop high -rigidity machine tool structure.

Resin bonded sand molding, twice aging. and special tank-type structure and optimized rib reinforced lay-out, make the machine tool of good rigidity and hysteresis loss.

High-speed /high precision three axles feed structure

X, Y, Z three axles all adopt precise linear olling guide rail (THK or HIWI).

Less noise, low resistance, high speed, high precision.

Three axles all adopt C3 degree high precision ball screw, fx the poles of ball screw and pre pull, and optimize drive rigidity, reduce the heat distortion.

The poles of ball screw adopt the NSK high -precision angle of contact ball screw bearing.

High-speed /high-precision spindle

High rigidity, high precision , big hole diameter spindle design, adopt the precise slide angle ball bearting (P4 degree) support.

High rotary spindle provides high-speed cutting for customers, ensure the long-term stbilization of machine tool's precision.

The spindle adopts synchronous belt drive of big torsion, no friction and less noise.

Fast-speed /reliable tool-change system

Can choose 20 bamboo split type or 24 arm press type ATC device, and can rotate the blade cutter very fast, steadily and reliably.

Machine tool cooling system

The machine tool prepares three passes cooling liquid and one pass cooling air nozzle to make cutters cool.

The design of economical and reliable spindle head cooling system (optinl), avoid the problem of place error caused by the spindle head temperature raising, ensure the spindle head's working precision, extend the spindle's service life.

Protection and chip system

Close protection design, provide comfortable and safe operation environment, the machine adopts the water and oil separating structure design and have no pollution.

Automatic concentrated lubrication system.

Can choose to be equipped with auto chip device and collecting chip car to reduce the operator's labor intensity.

High-performance electric control system

Can be equipped with multiple world new brand high -performance CNC controller, digital drive device; meet the requirement of time development in high-speed and high precision.

Standard configuration RS232 interface.

Have the handy electric operation unit, easy to operate.

Fit the CE safety norm and electric box mold-style design , make the electric system easier and reliable.

Main control parts all adopt imported new brand products, have high ribility.

Humanized operation system

Double-open wide protection door for operator to access working table more conveniently.