CNC Plane Milling Machine 4020HD (X4025HD, X6020HD)

Main Features:
1. This machine is gantry type with moving beam, this machine is equipped with one vertical milling head, one side milling head, this machine could do the milling work on the plane, inclined plane and groove workpieces.
2. The machine basic parts are produced by our factory, with automatic heat treatment and installation. (The lead screws, gears are custom- made). The cast iron is good quality HT250, treated by thermal aging and vibration aging secondary aging treatments, with full eliminating inner stress. The bed guide rail, beam guide rail, vertical guide rail are all done by ultrasonic frequency quenching treatments.
3. Guide rail adopts the flat and V shape sliding guide rails The bed guide rails adopt the inner independent oil pump for lubrication.
4. Worktable T type lead screw transmission, driven by AC servo system, the moving speed could be stepless adjusted.
5. The cross beam adopts automatic mechanical lock.
The feeding speed of vertical milling head, side milling head adopts the stepless adjustment.
6. The machine bed guide rails adopt steel plate protection guard, cross beam, vertical columns adopts the lyrate protection guard.
7. This machine equips foundation bolts, adjusting gaskets and related accessories and special tools.
8. The manufacture accuracy standard is 'Gantry planer milling machine accuracy standard 'JB/T10226.1---2001standard.
Precision inspection list:
No. Precision inspection items Standard
1 bed guide rail straightness in vertical plane 0.04(+)
2 bed guide rail in a horizontal plane straightness 0.04
3 bed guide rail in the vertical plane of parallelism 0.04/1000
4 Table in the horizontal plane straightness(Measuring length is 0.01 per 1000, increased tolerance) 0.02/1000
5 The workbench mobile parallelism of the workbench 0.025/1000
6 Central benchmark T slots on the workbench mobile parallelism 0.02/1000
7 Worktable longitude(Measuring the length of the increase1000, Increased tolerance 0.01) 0.04/1000
8 The straightness of milling head moving horizontally(Measuring the length of the increase1000, Increased tolerance 0.01) 0.03/1000
9 Milling head horizontally on the worktable moving vertically 0.03/500
10 Milling head vertical movement a、0.02/300
11 Beam vertical movement a、0.02/300
  Item Specification
Main Size Max.workpiece size (LXWXH) 5000×3500×1500mm
Overall dimensions (LXWXH) 13000×5400×3800mm
Distance between columns 3500mm
Table size 5000×3000mm
Machine loading 15T
vertical milling head The number of vertical milling head 1
Vertical milling head type TX500
Vertical milling head motor power 15Kw
Vertical milling head step number 9 step
Vertical milling head speed range 62-660r/min
Vertical milling head vertical feed way Servo feed
Vertical milling head horizontal feed Servo feed
Vertical milling head horizontal stroke 2100mm
Vertical milling head up-down stroke 500mm
Spindle type NT50
Spindle end cone hole taper 7:24
Side milling head The number of side milling head 1
Side milling head type  V7
Motor power of Side milling head 7.5KW
Side milling head step number 6
Side milling head speed range 100-685r/min
Side milling head horizontal stroke 300mm
Side milling head vertical feed stroke 700mm
The workbench drive motor variable frequency motor
Spindle type NT50
Spindle end cone hole taper 7:24
Servo motor Table movement servo motor 56n.m(8.6KW)
Table movement speed 10-4000mm/min
Beam lifting speed 1000mm/min
Beam lifting motor power 3KW
Vertical milling head horizontal movement servo motor 27n.m(5.5KW)
Vertical milling head horizontal move speed 10-4000mm/min
Vertical milling head vertical movement servo motor 27n.m(5.5KW)
Vertical milling head vertical move speed 10-4000mm/min
Guide rail bed guide rail type Flat - V rail
Beam guide type rectangular guideway
Beam guide width 600mm
Column guide rail type Rectangle-dovetail guide
Column guide rail width 600mm
Machine weight Around 20T
CNC Control System KND2000