Cylindrical Grinding Machine(UCG32, CG50, UCG50, CG80)

1. Machine table longitudinal travel, wheel head raped approach and withdrawal and autonatic periodic cross infeed are driven hydro-electrically by pushing button operation. The machine also has the following functions: hand-operated worktable and wheel head manually traverse infeed plus hydraulic tailstock quill retraction by foot.
2. The headstock can be swiveled in counter-clockwise direction in 90 degree range. By swiveling the headstock, or wheelhead or table, components with different external or internal taper can be ground. By turning down the internal grinding attachment, internal surface of components can be provided for grinding selection. 6 sets of internal cylindrical grinding pin are available.
3. Workpiece, external and internal grinding wheels, hydraulic and coolant pumps are all driven separately by individual motors.
4. All the power moving portions of machine are interlocked by electro hydraulic mechanism to ensure safety in operation. External and internal grinding wheels are guarded in sound and strong covers.