High Speed Gap Lathe (Φ52/Φ82/Φ105 spindle hole)

- Can perform internal and external turning,taper turning,end facing,and other rotary parts turning
- Threading Inch,Metric,Module and D.P.
- Perform dilling,boring and groove broaching
- Machine all kinds of flat stocks and those in irregular shapes
- Respectively with through-hole spindle bore,that can hold bar stocks in larger diameters
- Both Inch and Metric system are used on these series lathes,it's easy for people from different measuring systems countries
- There are hand brake and foot brake for users to choose
- These series lathes operate on power supply of different voltages(220V、380V、420V)and different frequencies(50Hz、60Hz)
High Speed Gap Lathe (Φ52Φ82Φ105 spindle hole)