Horizontal Broach Machine L6110BG

The machine is suitable for broaching holes, splines and single bonds of various geometric shapes and sizes, especially suitable for mass production.
The machine adopts hydraulic transmission, stable work, stepless speed regulation, with automatic circulation, semi-automatic circulation, subsection circulation and other working conditions, at the same time, the main slider and the transfer knife mechanism work and return, can be operated separately.
Name Unit Parameter
Rated Pulling Force KN 100
Stroke Length of Main Slider mm 0-1250
Max Stroke of Tool In & Return Mechanism mm 570
Machine Transmission   Hydraulic
Working Stroke Speed Range of Main Slider m/min 2~8
Return Stroke Speed Range of Main Slider m/min 2~16
Main Slider stroke adjustment and return stroke speed adjustment   Stepless
Tool in Speed m/min 2~8
Tool return Speed m/min 2~16
Bore of Face Plate mm Φ100H7
Bore of Support End Plate mm Φ150H7
Height from machine bed bottom to Support End Plate Bore Center mm 900
Main Transmission oil pump specifications    
Flow L/min 200
Max working pressure MPa 10
Main Transmission motor specifications    
Power KW 15
Speed r/min 970
Electric coolant pump    
Flow L/min 50
Power kW 0.12
Machine overall dimension (L×W×H) mm 5700×1830×1370
Machine N.W. kg About 5000

Machine Structure:
1.Machine Bed
The bed is welded steel plate structure, annealing treatment after welding, vibration aging treatment after rough machining, so that its structure is stable, good rigidity. The main rail pair of the machine is rectangular structure, and the material is made of quenched high-quality steel. The main oil cylinder is installed inside the machine bed in a horizontal way. The piston rod of the oil cylinder is connected with the main sliding plate. The main sliding plate is equipped with the main clamping tool mechanism in the front end of the main sliding plate. The main slide moves forward and backward along the main rail driven by the cylinder piston rod. Since the main oil cylinder is on the same line with the clamping tool mechanism, no overturning torque is generated, which greatly improves the broaching condition.

2.Tool in and return mechanism
The Tool In and Return Mechanism is fixed on machine bed with screws and taper pins. The guide rail on the seat body is made of quenched high quality steel. The escort distance of the auxiliary slider and the roller position on the tool lifting holder can be adjusted.

3.Hydraulic System
The hydraulic oil pump adopts self-made radial plunger pump, model is CJT13-200BE. Hydraulic station is composed of oil tank, motor, oil pump and various valves. The oil tank is a box shaped steel plate welded structure, located on the side of the machine tool, in which the hydraulic oil is stored. On the side of the oil tank are the cleaning cover plate, oil level scale and oil drain hole. The bottom of the tank is off the ground for easy ventilation and cooling. The tank is equipped with motors, plunger pumps and control valves and pipes for the hydraulic system. The oil tank has a capacity of about 800 litres.

4.Electrical System
Electric system PLC adopts Japanese Mitsubishi products. The components in the cabinet are orderly arranged, the wiring is orderly and standard, the cable is well grounded, and the wiring number is clear. All electrical drawings are complete and in line with national standards. The drawings are consistent with the real object. The electric box has good sealing and convenient switch.

5.Cooling Chip Removal System
The coolant tank is below the front end of the machine bed, supply to the two nozzles by an electric cooling pump, one nozzle is installed outside the workpiece supporting endplate for lubricating and flushing the broach tool. The other nozzle is mounted on the inner side of the supporting endplate for cooling and flushing the broach tool. The flow of the nozzle can be regulated by a valve. The coolant tank has a capacity of about 75 litres.
The machine is equipped with automatic chip removing mechanism, which is automatic chip removing.

6.Lubricating System
The lubrication mode is manually lubricated.

7.Broaching Tool
Not included.

Main Components:
No. Type Items Manufacturer
1 Mechanical Part Machine bed Own made
Main Slider
Tool in and return Mechanism
Main Cylinder Assembly
Auxiliary Cylinder Assembly
Auto Tool Clamping Mechanism
2 Hydraulic Part Hydraulic Station, main cylinder Own made
Main Oil Pump CJT13-200BE Own made
Main Control Valves Taiwan brand
3 Electrical Part PLC Japan Misubishi
Main Pump Motor Domestic famous brand
Air switch, contactor Chint
Travel Switch Chint
4 Cooling System Cooling Pump Domestic famous brand
5 Chip removal system Auto Chip Remover Domestic famous brand
6 Lubricating System Manual  
7 Tool By Purchaser We offer size
8 Accessories Pad Iron Own made
Foundation Bolts Own made