Universal Knee-Type Milling Machine X6132

This series milling machine is a kind of strong metal cutting machine tool, this machine tool has strong rigidity, wide feed variable speed range and can bear heavy load chip.
Suitable for cylindrical, circular milling cutter, angle milling cutter, forming milling cutter and end milling cutter to cut various parts, this kind of milling machine can process plane, bevel, groove, hole, gear and so on. When the use of universal milling head, the original table, dividing head and milling machine accessories, can expand the scope of the machine processing.
Model X6132
Table Size (WidthxLength) 320x1325mm
Table Load 500kg
T-slot number/width/pitch 3/18/70mm
Table travel (X/Y/Z)manual/auto 700/680mm, 255/240mm, 350/330mm
Range of table feed (X/Y/Z) 23.5-1180 / 23.5-1180 / 8-394mm/min
Range speed of table (X/Y/Z) 2300/2300/770mm/min
Distance between spindle nose and table 30-350mm
Distance between spindle and column 215-470mm
Spindle Taper ISO50  7:24
Spindle bore 29mm
Spindle speed 18 steps 30-1500rpm
Max rotary angle of table ±45°
Feed motor power 1.5KW
Feed motor speed 1400rpm
Main motor power 7.5KW
Main motor speed 1440rpm
Overall dimensions 2294x1780x1610mm
Machine weight 2650kg

The worktable can turn left and right 45 degree each, when the worktable rotate in an angle around its own vertical center and installed with the dividing head, it can also milling spiral surface (such as drill spiral groove, spiral gear, drum wheel, etc.).

This milling machine has a good safety device, manual feed and motor feed interlock mechanism, in the case of too much feed or overload, the safety connector can automatically self-disengaging, so that the machine parts will not be damaged, and ensure the safety of the operator.

The machine tool can quickly and effectively brake, when the completion of processing or other reasons to stop the machine, as long as the press the stop button, all the movement of the machine tool immediately stop.

The machine tool has a perfect lubrication system. The important rotating parts and bearings are automatically lubricated by a motor oil pump. The parts that need to be lubricated manually are all set at obvious places.

Each important drive shaft and spindle are installed on the rolling bearing to improve transmission efficiency. The taper roller bearing on the spindle can also be adjusted to ensure the precision of the spindle.

The overall design conforms to the principle of ergonomics and is easy to operate. The operation panel is designed with visual symbols, simple and convenient.

Standard accessories:
1.Shank sleeve type milling cutter rod: ISO50-40 *1
2.Stud dead spanner: 17x19; 27x30; 32x36 *1
3.Arbor with sleeve (Ø 22 mm; Ø 27 mm;Ø 32 mm;) *1
4.Single head spanner *1
5.Socket head wrench: 6; 5; 8; 10 *1
6.Oil gun *1
7.Pull Rod *1
8.Foundation Bolt: M20x500 *4 Sets

Optional accessories:
1.3 Axis DRO: $250
2.Clamping kit 58 pieces set
3.TS320A Rotary Table
4.BS-2-8 dividing head
5.Vertical Milling head