Manual Surface Grinding Machine MSG818

  1. Adopt the exceeding precise class7(P4 level) ball bearing for spindle.
  2. Bring transmission by synchronous belt,operating simple and convenient.
Max.workpiece to be Ground ( L×W×H) mm 520×220×490
Max. Grinding Length mm 530
Max. Grinding Width mm 220
Distance From Table Surface To Spindle Center mm 450
Slide way   V-type rail with Steel-ball
V-type rail with Steel-ball Kg 200
Table Size (L×W) mm 480×200
Number of T -Slot mm×n 14×1
Speed OF Working Table m/min 3-23
Cross Feed On Handwheel mm 0.02/Graduation 2.5/revolution
Vertical Feed On Handwheel mm 0.01/Graduation 1.25/revolution
Wheel Size (dia.×width×bore ) mm 200×20×31.75
Spindle Speeds 50Hz rpm 2850
Spindle Motor Kw 1.1
Coolant Pump Kw 0.4
Machine Size (L×W×H) mm 1680×1140×1760
Packing Size (L×W×H) mm 1140×1250×1940
Gross、Net T O.80、 0.70

Standard accessories:
Wrench, Inner six angle wrench, Grinding wheel, Permanent magnetic chuck