Single Column Vertical Lathe

-The main parts of the machine tool ( lathebed, base, workbench, beam, vertical slide rest, side tool box, feed box, main drive gear box) are made of high-strength cast iron, casted by resin sand technology.
-The rotation of workbench is drove by main electrical machine, gear slowing down and electromagnet speed changing system to implement speed regulation.
-Vertical slide and feed mechanism of the vertical slide: The material quality of RAM is HT250. Its mechanical character is very good.
-Workbench base structure: Workbench adopts long spindle structure. Radial direction adopts high-precision double row cylindrical roller bearings centering.
-Beam: Beam clamps and loosens by a drift. The clamp is implemented by hydraulic pressure.
-The hydraulic pressure system: The main control originals of the hydraulic pressure system come from the products of famous manufactures at home and abroad. The performance is reliable.
-Lubrication of machine tool: The machine tool will offer oil automatically to lubricate the beam and the movement parts concentratedly at specified time.
-Machine tool protection: The movement parts of the machine tool have a full range of security chain and interlock.
This series machine is suitable for machining parts in all industries. On themachine cylindrical turning and boring . tapering and surfcing as well as grooving can be carried out rough and finishing. The table adopts thrust ball bearing with high accuracy for roling guideway(CA5116E, CA5120E machine is also adopted slipping guideway). Spindle radial is performed NN30 type double row cylindrical rlling bearing. so it can improve the rotary procision and load capacity of the table. The rail head equipped with pentagonal turret, and the side heud is designed with square turret. The two heads are all adopted the hydraulic balance.
The rail head (CA518E-CA5112E machine) is adopted rlling leadscrew bearing for transmission in horizontal and vertical movement.
The electrical equipment of machine is contolled by PC. so it is highelability.
Overall dimensions of machine is beautiful and it is delightful for people to use. It is easily for maintenaince and service.
The attachment of side head, digital control and turning taper can provided on special requirement.

The table adopt high precision thrust ball rlling guideway and slide guideway in 1.6 metre of diameter.
The column cross rail adopt high strengthness and high wearresistance grey cast iron.
Firction pairs of guideway in horizontal and vertical diretion adopt wear-resistance grey cast iron.
Ram guideway surface of rail, side head adopt middle frequency harden rlling grind finish machining.
Black chromium plane of new type for batton siation.
The rail head is designed with leadscrew for horizontal and vertical transmission.
Pentagonal trret pinion plate index positioning with high strenthness and rigidit.
Lubrication of cross is suppied with oil by hand pump.

With fumigate wooden cases. Vacuum treatment is provided.
Containers needed for the machine transportation: 1*40GP