• Manufacturing 2019 Jakarda International Expo

    Manufacturing 2019 Jakarda International Expo

    Manufacturing 2019 Jakarta International Expo Our booth number is A-1124
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  • Metalex Thailand

    Metalex Thailand

    Welcome to visit Metalex Thailand Address:88Bangna-Trad Road(Km.1).Bangna, Bangkok 10260, Thailand Time:20-23 NOV. 2019 Booth Number:101,BJ29
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  • Safety precautions for milling machine operation

    In the process of mechanical processing must be in accordance with the requirements of the specification of safe operation. For example, we often wear gloves when doing some work with injuries on the hand, but it should be noted that not all work is suitable for wearing gloves. Do not wear gloves...
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  • What is a milling machine for?

    Milling machine is a kind of widely used machine tool, milling machine can process plane (horizontal plane, vertical plane), groove (keyway, T groove, dovetail groove, etc.), tooth parts (gear, spline shaft, sprocket), spiral surface (thread, spiral groove) and various surfaces. In addition, it c...
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  • Maintenance of small milling machine

    Small milling machine milling cutter usually rotating motion is the main movement, workpiece (and) milling cutter movement for the feed movement. It can process plane, groove, also can process all kinds of curved surface, gear and so on. Small milling machine is a machine tool for milling the wor...
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