Maintenance of small milling machine

Small milling machine milling cutter usually rotating motion is the main movement, workpiece (and) milling cutter movement for the feed movement. It can process plane, groove, also can process all kinds of curved surface, gear and so on. Small milling machine is a machine tool for milling the workpiece with a milling cutter. Small milling machine in addition to milling plane, groove, gear, thread and spline shaft, but also processing more complex surface, higher efficiency than planer, in machinery manufacturing and repair departments have a wide range of applications.

Small milling machine daily maintenance needs attention

1. bed and parts of the cleaning work, cleaning iron and surrounding environmental sanitation, cleaning, clamping, measuring tools.
2. check each oil level, not lower than the oil mark, add lubricating oil for each part.

Small milling machine routine maintenance needs attention

- One, small milling machine cleaning
1. Remove and clean the linoleum pads of each part;
2. Wipe the sliding surface and guide surface, wipe the table and horizontal, lifting screw, wipe the knife drive mechanism and tool rest;
3. Wipe the dead corners of each part.

- Two, small milling machine lubrication
1. Each oil hole is clean and smooth, and lubricating oil is added.
2. Each guide surface and sliding surface and each screw add lubricating oil.
3. Check the small milling machine transmission mechanism oil box, oil surface, and refueling to the elevation position.

- Three, small milling machine twist
1. Check the small milling machine and tighten the pressure plate and insert screws.
2. Check and tighten the sliding block fixing screws, knife driving mechanism, handwheel, table support screws and fork top wire.
3. Check and tighten other loose screws.

- Four, small milling machine adjustment
1. Check and adjust the tightness of the belt, pressure plate and insert strip.
2. Check and adjust the slider and screw.

- Five, small milling machine anticorrosion
1. Remove the rust of each part, protect the paint surface, do not collision.
2. Small milling machine out of use, spare equipment guide surface, sliding screw handwheel and other exposed parts of rust coated with oil and anticorrosion.

Post time: Feb-28-2022