Safety precautions for milling machine operation

In the process of mechanical processing must be in accordance with the requirements of the specification of safe operation. For example, we often wear gloves when doing some work with injuries on the hand, but it should be noted that not all work is suitable for wearing gloves. Do not wear gloves when operating rotating equipment, otherwise it is easy to get involved in the machine and cause injury. Most mechanical equipment, especially some manually operated machine tools such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, etc., all have high-speed rotating parts, such as the spindle of the lathe, cutting smooth rod, screw rod, etc. Operation with gloves can lead to lack of tactile sensitivity, numbness and slow reaction. Once the gloves come into contact with these parts, they can quickly become entangled in the rotating parts and cause limb injury.

How to prevent milling machine safety accidents?
1.Common milling machine processing precision is low, low safety factor, prone to safety accidents. Recommend the use of safety equipment perfect CNC milling machine, the security door, interlocking limit switch, emergency stop switch, etc., can improve the security situation from source, and a high degree of integration, after formal operation, artificial clamping disassembly, can one person operate multiple devices, you can essentially improve safety, reduce workers, increase production capacity. distance:When disassembling the workpiece, the fixed holder should keep a safe distance from the milling cutter to prevent the body from hitting the cutter because of excessive force.
3.The clamping card:The workpiece should be clamped tightly to prevent flying out of harm; Special brushes or hooks should be used to remove iron filings. Cleaning, measuring, loading and unloading work parts are strictly prohibited in operation.
4.Isolation protection:Keep the box cap until the tool is installed above the device to prevent the tool from scratching fingers or accidental damage.

Post time: Feb-28-2022