VMC850B CNC Milling machine, vertical machine center

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Product model: VMC850B

High-rigidity /high sabilty main structure

Use 3D-CAD and fnite element alysis to develop high-rgidity machine tool structure

Resitn bonded sand molding, twice aging, and specal tank-type stucture and optimized rib-reinforced lay-out,make the machine tool of good rigidity and hysteresis loss

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Product Features

High-speed /high precision three axies feed structure
X, Y, Z three axies all adopt precise linear rolling guide rail (THK or HIWI)
Less noise, low resistance, high speed, high precision
Three axies all adopt C3 degree high precision ball screw, fix the poles of ball screw and pre pull, and optimize drive rgidity reduce the heat distortion
The poles of ball screw adopt the NSK high -precision angle of contact ball screw bearing
High-speed /high-precision spindle
High rigidity, high precision, big hole diameter spindle design, adopt the precise slide angle ball bearing (P4 degree) support
High rotary spindle provides high-speed cutting for customers, ensure the long term stabilization of machine tool's precision
The spindle adopts synchronous belt drive of big torsion, no friction and less noise

Main Configuration

Automatic Pump: Herg ,1pcs , Japan
Manual air gun : 1pcs
Manual pulse generator: 1pcs  ,from Taiwang
Alarm light in three colors :1pcs
Work lamp :1pcs
Spindle Motor: 1pcs,Fanuc
Spindle : 1pcs,Posa ,Taiwang
BK3 Coupling: 3pcs,R+W from   Germany

Synchronous wheel : 1pcs,Posa, Taiwang
Synchronous belt: 1pcs ,Posa,Taiwang
Ball screw: C3 class ,4012,Posa, TAIWANG or THK , JAPAN
3axle  Balling (roller)Bearing: 6sets/12pcs , NSK , JAPAN
Precision Locked nuts: 6pcs
Balance block: 1pcs
Balance chains: 12A -1*79


worktable size mm


t-slot size mm


max load on table kg


x axis travel mm


y axis travel mm


z axis travel mm


spindle taper  

7/24 bt40

spindle speed r/min


main motor power kw


x/y/z rapid travel m/min


feed speed m/min


tool magazine form  

disc type with arm

tool quantity piece


tool change time s


general power capacity Kva


overall dimensions(l x w x h) mm


weight of machine Kg


Overall Introduction 

1. VMC850B vertical machining center is with high cost performance and the main equipped system is FANUC, KND, GSK, SIEMENS and other systems.It can machining for drilling, reaming, reaming, boring, tapping, milling, boring, etc. It is suitable for parts processing with high precision and productivity requirements. It can completely eliminate some special fixtures and scribing processes to reduce the labor intensity of workers. It is suitable for drilling of small and medium-sized discs, plates, shells, valve bodies, cams, etc. in automobiles, motorcycles, aerospace, military, instruments, instruments, electronics, molds industries, milling, boring, tapping and other processing, processing to achieve programmatic, shortening the production cycle. VMC850B is equipped with all protection shield to avoid the cutting liquid splash and with beautiful outlook design. 4th CNC rotary table , chip conveyor, oil cooler and other accessories is optional
2. We use high quality gray cast iron for machine body, column, saddle, worktable, spindle box with resin sand technology and 2 times aging treatment to eliminate the internal residual stress of material. These parts are all optimized by SolidWorks software, which improves much the rigidity and stability not only for these parts but the machine. Also it will restrain the deformation and vibration caused by cutting.X/Y/Z axes are all linear guideway.
3. Machine casting is used with CAD software design and with FEM to make sure the best in-structure. Machine body, column, saddle are designed with large section size. Guideways are designed with large span to make sure the best rigidity and stability.
4. Thew main contacted faces of casting are scrapped manually by experienced workers to make sure effective contact area.
5. Spindle is produced by professional manufacturer to make sure high precision and rigidity. Spindle bearing is from world famous high precision bearing brand, and assembled on the condition of constant temperature and no dust. After that , all spindles will do the test of dynamic balance to make sure the life span and reliability.It is equipped with low pressure air cycle protection system, blowing low pressure air into spindle inner space forming air protection layer to prevent dust,coolant into the spindle. For this condition, the spindle bearing will work under no pollution environment, which will protect the spindle unit and with longer spindle life span. Spindle speed can be no -step changed within the spindle speed range, which is controlled by motor inner encode to be with the function of spindle orientation and rigid tapping.
6. The feed system is imported form high precision ball screw manufacturer and the bearings brand is FAG. We also do pre-tension for ball screw. The no gap flexible coupling connect the ball screw and motor to make sure high rigidity. 3 axes brand is THK/PMI/HEXROTH. Automatic lubrication in rear and time is provided for ball screw and linear guideway to make sure high feedback performance and life long time of the machine.
7.The I/O part of the machine tool is highly integrated with the CNC control part by the printed circuit board, which greatly reduces the failure rate, makes the wiring neat and reasonable in structure. The electric cabinet is equipped with heat exchange.

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